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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Some of you may be familiar with this site's slogan, "Where Malcolm Gladwell meets Malcolm-Jamal Warner!" I always thought that was kind of a catchy thing to say, mainly because of the whole "Malcolm" thing, but also partially because the writings of Malcolm Gladwell serve as inspiration to find new ways of looking at the world (Malcolm-Jamal Warner generally comes across as a fairly cool dude in his own right). The thing that might fascinate (those of you who have seen the slogan at the end of numerous emails from yours truly) is that, to the best of my knowledge, I had never mentioned either Malcolm on my site, until now. Guess what? Now you can't even go back to double-check, because I erased all of the archives! (Laughs maniacally)
What can I say? I've hated this blog lately. I hated the way it looked, couldn't stand the color tan, didn't want to compare my more recent posts with the earlier ones, hated the remnants of the short-lived "116street" experiment, and I wanted to start fresh. So I axed all of the posts up to "The Great Soccer FAQ" and got my HTML game up. Sorry if you wanted to go back and read about Afros in TV commercials, but I get to call the shots around here! Anyway, I hope you like the new blog, it probably won't be too much different from the old one, but I did add the "116street's Top 5 of the Moment" links on the top left, in case you might want to check out any of the stuff that I currently think is really, really good. Happy Not-Valentine's Day!


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