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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

More Proof That The Oscars Are BS

I was spending a quiet Monday night in my apartment, putting the finishing touches on my latest 116street Soccer entry, when I decided that ordering a movie from my On Demand service would be a good idea. I opted for Good Night, and Good Luck, the George Clooney-directed period piece about the efforts of Edward R. Murrow to expose Sen. Joseph McCarthy.
While watching the film, I was struck by the way in which the political climate of Murrow's day reflected much of what takes place in America today.
Murrow risked his career in an effort to restore the balance of ideas, and was branded a traitor in the process. What a shame then that our news networks now give recognition and screen time to political commentators who express their admiration for McCarthy, the very same man who trampled upon the civil rights of hundreds of Americans! Surely, no matter what side of the political spectrum we find ourselves on, we can hold the corporations who decide who reports (and comments on) the news to a higher level of responsibility.
Anyway, add another film to the list of movies better than the one that won this year's Oscar for Best Picture. Not to turn this into a rant against Crash, but is there a movie made this year that wasn't better than that disaster of a film (hypothetical question, people)? Anyway, I'm not saying Good Night, and Good Luck should have won the Oscar, but it was an excellent film, and George Clooney gets props for making a film with such a bold statement during this period of American discourse.


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